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Out with the old and in with the new!

Originally published 12/30/2011

I recently read an article entitled “30 things to stop doing to yourself”. This was an amazing article which went over some things that we are all guilty of doing to ourselves that need to stop. In fact, while reading over them, I realized how much better each and every one of our lives would be if we would not only stop doing these things, but started doing more positive things for ourselves and for others. So, as we ring in 2012, I’ve decided to devote my first 30 days of the year to posts focusing on these 30 small changes that we can all make in our lives. I am no different than each and every one of you reading this, so I’m hoping that by relating how these things affect me, how they’ve touched me and some experiences I’ve had with them, I’ll be able to inspire (or perhaps just amuse) someone out there. I’m also going to try to leave each post with a picture of something that is making me smile right now. We all need more things that make us smile, so if you can’t find some of your own, feel free to borrow mine!

Please leave comments, feedback or your own experiences. I can’t wait to make 2012 the best year yet!

What’s making me smile right now:

Hearts drawn on foggy glass. It always warms my heart.

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