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How not winning the lottery taught me a lesson.

Originally published 4/2/2012

I know I’m not the only one out there who fantasizes about winning the lottery. In fact, I go so far as to make plans for when I win. I have a list of what and how much I’m going to spend money on, who and how much I’m going to give money to, and what charities are going to be very happy. I have trips planned, handbags chosen and the outfit I’m planning on claiming the prize in picked out. So imagine how excited I was when the MegaMillions jackpot reached $650 million this past weekend. My plans ran wild.

Before I checked my numbers, I saw a news snippet saying that there were no MegaMillions jackpot winners won in Minnesota but there was a $250,000 winner sold in my county.  So, I shifted my mindset from acquiring $650 million to acquiring $250,000 (which is actually $156,000 after taxes here in Minnesota). Instead of feeling excited and grateful at this windfall of money that could potentially be coming into my life, I felt disappointed it wasn’t more. And this is where the lottery taught me a lesson. If I found myself being disappointed that I ‘only’ won $250,000, am I overlooking all the abundance I have in my life now and instead, wishing it was more?

If being grateful for what you have now is the key to attracting more of what you have into your life, then why would the Universe give you more of anything if you’re not appreciating what you already have? It’s okay to have dreams and plans and goals, but not if while pursuing all of them, you lose sight of the things you already have. Maybe you don’t have the house you want right now, but be grateful for the house you already have and that may bring the house you want into your life.

I still am planning on winning the lottery in the not-so-distant future. But, instead of pinning all of my hopes and dreams on the windfall of money that comes with it, I’m going to be grateful and enjoy what I already have. Because if I’m honest with myself, I am already blessed with the most amazing life imaginable. I’m going to stop taking it for granted.

What’s making me smile right now:

Spring is here! Although chilly, dreams of dipping my toes in the water are coming true.

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