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Expectiations, schmexpectations.

Originally published 4/4/2012

Sometimes, when you stop expecting so much from people, they end up surprising you in the most pleasant ways. In fact, I think that goes for most situations. Once you stop expecting things to look a certain way, they usually end up turning out more fantastically than you could have hoped for!

Think of all the things throughout life you have wished for, hoped for, and prayed for. If all of the prayers I’ve made had come true, I would be married to Lance Bass right now (this particular prayer was made long before Lance professed his love of men). Sometimes the Universe keeps certain things out of your life and ends other things so that better things can come in and surprise you! It’s so difficult for us to see the big picture and to sit back and have faith that all things will work out in the end, but when you stress yourself out assuming you know best, you are often filled with disappointment. What if you didn’t get that job or that guy or that opportunity because something better was coming? If you can let go of thinking things should look a certain way, you can  open yourself up to a new way for them to look… which is often better than even you could come up with.

So let go. Enjoy the times you have with the people in your life today. Stop expecting things to be different, because right now, they aren’t. Don’t ruin the amazing things that are already in there because you want them to be different. Enjoy, embrace and love every moment. Even if it doesn’t make sense, it still is a gift.

What’s making me smile right now:

Spring means golf season is beginning. Although I don’t have many opportunities to golf, I love every moment I’m able to. From the beautiful greens to the fun golf outfits that go with the outing, this is one sport that makes me happy from start to finish. This view is Troon North in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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